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Our Technology


is a full service
flexible packaging


Didget philosophy:
Every great product
deserves great packaging

Didget printing are the proud owners of two HP Indigo digital printing presses:
HP Indigo 20 000: wide web
                press 740mm print width

• HP Indigo 20 000: wide web press 740mm print width

HP Indigo 20 000:
                        wide web
                        press 740mm print width

• HP Indigo WS 6800: narrow web press 320mm print width

Digital features include:

  • No printing plates involved.
  • Setup time and material waste are substantially reduced.
  • One off samples made easy.
  • Short runs, and medium run length multi-SKU jobs are produced cost effectively.
  • Every print run gives the customer a chance to change design / address / ingredients.
  • Our 740mm wide print web accommodates most flexible packaging sizes.
  • Only digital printing can produce packaging with variable content (VDP – variable data printing).
  • Image quality is photo-quality and meets or exceeds that of flexo and roto-gravure.
  • Capable of hitting 95% of the Pantone gamut with 100% colour consistency.
  • Perfect registration.
  • We can print on material from 11 micron -450 micron.
  • Ability to uniquely number/code each design creates enormous possibilities and opportunities for on-pack competitions, unique numbering, counterfeit protection, and batch numbering.
  • Huge selection of off- the shelf food grade film solutions and finishes to suit almost every application, and the expertise to underpin our products and services.
  • Variety of finishes available.
  • Bag (5000 +) or pouch making (20 000+) for production / machine produced.
  • Smaller quantities for pre-production handmade samples.

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