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We as a company believe in the power of giving, giving of our time, our expertise and mentorship to entrepreneurs that are committed to making a difference within their communities. During times of uncertainty we set ourselves the task of creating a space for like-minded individuals to turn their vision into reality. With that the DID.IT idea was launched. Our aim is to find these individuals and work with them to create a branded product which we design and print courtesy of our Didget Team.



"Our product is soap, but our priority is people. Our ethos is led by ethical practice and uncompromised, quality products. We are TALU- a young, dynamic couple creating natural soaps with you and your skin in mind."



The art of what is possible

“Dreams do come true, you just need to believe and have faith, never give up, it’s possible. Two boys from poor humble beginnings, in a small village in South Africa had a dream to bring you great coffee. Should you ever feel like things are impossible, drink this coffee and it will remind you that it’s possible”

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