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Didget Printing offers end-to-end solutions from prepress to finished product, and offers a valuable tool for trials and test marketing as well as production runs.

The digital printing press has capacity for seven colours, including white, and offers a wide colour gamut on a broad range of substrates. 

Paper, film, plastic and foil substrates can be printed on the press with very high resolution. These can be laminated and varnished depending on the application.

Digital printing offers the best possible print quality. Screens and dot gain can be adjusted to match the quality of flexographic/gravure and litho printing or better.

Printing companies can use pre-production samples as colour standards for long production runs.  This means no marketing or procurement person needs to be present to sign off for colour during the printing of a new launch – a time and money saver.

Pre-production samples can be used as listing samples for retail.  This means that orders can be processed prior to raw materials and packaging being received.  Gone are the days of supplying samples to retail when your packaging arrives and then still having to wait for your listing to take place. Labeling errors can be corrected at the pre-production stage.

In the same run we can change the colour, barcode, address or any other feature on the product. We can make match to Pantone with an accuracy of about 96%. 

We can supply your finished product with an over varnish or laminate in either gloss or matt or give you both options for your marketing department to assess.

Turn- around times can be done within hours from origination. It often takes longer for procurement to generate an order number than it takes us to produce the entire job!

You can now do away with chromalins and artwork.  Get the real deal by seeing and feeling the product before mistakes are made. 

The following are examples of products we offer:

Our Clients

Client Testimonials

  • Quick turnaround time and so cost effective! First option every time to save time and money on emergency listing samples that look better than the real thing sometimes!!!

    Mamello M Makhoro | Nestle

  • I would say that your team responds very quickly, and ensures that they meet our tight deadlines, with no arguments, fuss of frills. You provide a great, efficient service.

    Stacey Read | Simba

  • A real Partner, Help us to achieve our goals every time.

    Jenny Hughes | Chocolate BU

  • Didget has supplied Nestle with high quality digital samples on several occasions – this has assisted greatly in the choice of materials used for final printed packaging which has in turn saved us time and money by avoiding lengthy printer trials.

    May Naicker | Nestle


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